I hunted elk in the fall of 2011 with John from J and B guide service and, even though I was unable to harvest an animal, I could not have been happier with my experience. I have been on several guided hunting/fishing trips over the last few years and I have never had a guide that worked harder or that was more dedicated to my success than John was. I honestly think he was more upset than I was when I didn’t tag one. He had me in and around bulls all week we simply just could not get one to present a shot. Several came in to investigate John’s expert calling only to circle downwind for the last few yards and slip away without presenting the shot. The camp experience with J and b guide service was also great; complete with a kitchen trailer, dining tent, shower, and client tents with cots. You can be sure that when I come back to hunt elk again it will be with J and B guide service because I believe that they are my best bet for success.

Thank you,

Jeff Stott

Mechanical Technician

Corning Inc.


Being my first year hunting with jandbguide I didn't know what to expect. John made it feel like you were at home. We stayed nice & cozy in a big wall tent. The food was awesome. Most important of all John guided us to some nice big bucks(on site). My dad and I were both successful. John has lots of spots to hunt and he won't let you down. So if your looking for a spot to hunt and get into some big bucks go with jandbguide. Thanks John looking forward for next time.

Tyler Graham, Albany Oregon-541-223-2384

I went deer hunting with J and B Guide Service in the fall of 2011 and had a blast! I had a buck tag for the Interstate unit hadn't had a lot of luck the first part of the season, so I gave John a call and he helped me bag a buck in a couple of hours. John knew right where the deer were hanging out; over the course of two hours we had to have seen at least 50 head! This was my first time buck hunting, and thanks to J and B Guide Service, it was an awesome experience. I would totally recommend hunting with these guys and I hope I can go again soon!

Anna Kerr, Paisley, OR (541) 219-2191

I hunted with John & Martin in the Fall of 2007 for Archery Elk. Being from Alabama, I was worried about flying cross-country and arriving to find an outfitter that did not live up to my expectations.
However, from the time I booked the hunt, to my arrival to the housing, to the food, to the hunt, I could not have been more pleased!
These guys worked hard to find the Elk. I was lucky enough to harvest a nice 5x4 bull in the snow.
If I had the money to hunt with these guys every year, I would do so!
The hunt is a great bargain for the money

Mark Burchfield, Alabama 205-329-3388

Well I'm no expert, but have been hunting and fishing for as many years of my fifty year life as I can remember. About ten years ago I started shooting sage rats, most in the K-Falls area and also tried Christmas Valley and Fort Rock areas. Then a trip to Paisley to shoot with John Sanders of jb guide service made me realize that sometimes you still get what you pay for. John is very professional- contstant e-mails about weather and sage rat counts. Set us up in a great hotel that gave us a discount for shooting with John. He showed up at 7:00 am sharp and had us set up in a field in no time. New 180 deg. pivoting shooting benches and so many rats that the only problem I had was keeping the magazines for my 17hmr full. shooting was constant till I decided we had to leave @5:30 pm to drive home to Portland. My buddy Rick was haveing so much fun I couldn't get him to stop. I'm looking foreward to hunting or fishing more with John because he put us on tons of rats, his prices are very resonable,service great and I think he knows the local deer and elk by first name. Also heis one heck of a nice guy!!! Thank you John

Terry Graham, Portland Oregon 503-771-0834

Dear John and Martin,

Thank you so much for the great time we had at your private pond on your beautiful ranch. Our friends highly recommended a visit there. We are so glad that we took the time to visit your place. It was one of the best family outings that we have ever had. We all had a great time especially the kids! Not only did they catch lots of nice trout, but they also enjoyed exploring around the pond. We saw so much wild life including red tail hawks soaring right above us, we saw deer and coyote and the kids especially had a blast catching lots of giant bull frogs around the pond. The lunch you provided was very fresh and filling. The ice cold drinks were always close at hand. My husband and I enjoyed how relaxing it was to have someone else take care of all the days' details. We had a great time on the fun pontoon boats. They were surprisingly easy to maneuver and a lot of fun to fish from. The drive to and from the ranch was beautiful and relaxing. It was a perfect day! We will definitely be telling our family and friends about the hidden treasure we have discovered there in Paisley Oregon. We are already planning our next visit!

Thank you again, The Robins Family

I was introduced to J an B Guide Service through my friend Michael Cox. I had seen his 5x6 Pope and Young Bull he took with J and B Guide Service in 2004. When hunting season came up I asked If I could video tape their archery hunt. I was very excited to go, and even more impressed once I got there.The camp was set up with a kitchen trailer and a dinning tent , our tent was Hugh with its own wood stove the sleeping cots were nothing but comfortable.
I have to say that the shower was a bit primitive but it was warm water and all I needed. Now for the hunt, Nothing was more exciting then to listen and watch John call in those Hugh animals. It was amazing, I video'd a spike and a 3 point elk out of bow range but not out of camera view. We heard and saw animals almost every day. After 5 days my 2008 video hunt had ended and 2 days later John and Michael got into a herd of 50 or so and Michael took his 6x6 point bull elk, another Pope and Young. Dang,Sorry I missed that on video, Well maybe this year, I'm Hooked!

DeAnn David, LaPine Oregon 541-974-3772

I've been bow hunting for 25 years. The last 5 years I've been hunting elk with John of J&B guide Service. In the last 5 years I have had more opportunities then one could possibly believe.
I have taken 2 Pope and Young Bull Elk. My first scored 274 in 2004(photo on web site), my second scored 254 in 2008(photo on web site).
John has had me in herds of 30 to 50 elk the last 2 years in a row. I'm looking forward to the 2009 herd. John is the Real Deal. You will be doing yourself a favor if you really want to hunt, Give John a call.

100% satisfied customer
Michael Cox
Albany Oregon 541-791-3947


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