Rifle Elk Hunt

We have some great elk hunting properties in the Paulina/East Fort Rock 235X and 235Y Bull hunt units.
We also do Cow Elk hunts in the Connley Hills 277A unit.
Season is Sept 1- March 31. Rifle Elk Hunts take place on Dinsdale Farms

Archery Elk Hunt

If you have never had the opportunity to hunt elk during the rut, you don't know what you are missing. Crisp cool mornings, elk bugling and the musky smell of an elk wallow. All this coupled with the excitement of close encounters with one of natures most intense big game animals, makes for an exhilarating hunt. There is definitely nothing like bow hunting for elk in the wilds of Oregon

This is by far the most exhilarating outdoor experience a bow hunter can enjoy! Dedicated deer hunters must arrive prepared for the thrill of a bull elk standing 15 to 50 yards away (bugling his head off)…attempt to calm nerves and draw back your bow!

Archery hunters see the most action; it is not uncommon for our hunters to be in elk everyday of their hunt. Our guides’ passion for archery hunting, enthusiasm for the sport, and expertise in the field, makes archery hunting with one of the most exciting and enjoyable hunts possible. Some techniques we use during archery season are bugling, cow calling, sitting wallows, and stalking.

All of our hunts are Fair Chase, no high fence here.


These are 5 day fully guided hunts.
Our camp is set up on a piece ot private property that we lease just for this purpose. It is located just minutes from where we hunt the big bulls.

The Archery hunts are Bull only (since 2004), and the archery tags are over the counter. We hunt Elk on public lands in the Fremont national Forest.
In 2002 we had the Winter fire burn through our hunting areas. It has really helped our Elk herd numbers.

All of our big game hunts are 1 on 1

At the present time, our archery operation runs from Aug. 29 to Sept. 24. This is usually when we have seen elk in rut.

Archery Elk tag are over the counter.

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